Wednesday 8 May 2013

Making some real progress!

Well it's raining outside and I have the week off from my 9-5 job so thought I take the opportunity to update my blog and let you know how it's been going seems it's been a while.

Since my last post I have been playing around in the background trying to create the template for my web pages in CSS and although it's been frustrating at times and I have felt like giving up, I have persevered and now find myself at a point where I am starting to see some real results and feel pretty satisfied at what I have learned and created. 

So now I have created the template to keep the design of my web pages consistent, I have been spending most of my time creating the contents to go in it.  It's not been easy!

I have always been taught that a good site is all about it's contents and seems I am trying to help other novices get started in the world of web design I am desperately trying to relay the information I have gathered in the simplest terms possible for potential users.  I have spent days writing stuff up, confusing myself and then deleting and re-writing stuff again, but think I am finally starting to make some real progress.

Well my website wont write its self so off I go tippedy tapping away...

In a bit :)

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