Tuesday 23 July 2013

CSS Content complete!!

Well I've had a little blue box sitting on my pages saying "CSS" for sometime now doing nothing...but today that has changed!!

Finally I have managed to finish my content and get it linked up to all my other pages...phew!

CSS really is my new found love and to be honest quite a fundamental part of web design these day's, so I've been working hard to try and put something as simple as possible together to help other web novices get there heads around the basics.

Check out my new CSS link here www.simpleeggdesign.com

So next I will be tweaking some other bit's of content, adding some useful links and throwing in a few images, so I be back soon with another update!

In a bit,

Sunday 14 July 2013

The "Most Important" place to go on the web to learn HTML!

If you are starting out in Web Design then my advice is to start by learning a bit of HTML.

The fundamental place to go on the web for this is the site run by the guys who set the standards for the World Wide Web - W3Schools!

It's Free and gives all the basic info to get you started and includes all other aspects of web info and coding knowledge you will ever need to know!

Once you have a basic understanding of HTML, everything else fit's into place and makes sense from there on in!

Go to www.w3schools.com/html and get learning today!

In a bit,

Friday 5 July 2013

Tweaking, Testing and adding more content! Nearly there!!

Well my ambition to help other people overcoming the initial hurdles of web design is nearly there!

Since my last post I've been creating content like there is no tomorrow and re-writing it again. 

I've also uploaded five pages and have been testing it in browsers to see how it looks.  I have found that the new versions of browsers like I.E 9 & 10 love my CSS however the older versions...not so much!  I.E 8 shows my CSS but does not like my curved lines and I.E 6-7 throws up all sorts of problems so have presented myself with a question...how many people are actually using older browsers anyway and should I really be going out of my way to fix these problems?

So next on the list is to finish creating my content, adding some images to try and really make things as "Simple" as possible, adding some extra page links to useful resources and I also fancy creating a Twitter account to go along side my site so it reaches as many users as possible!  Social Media is a real key aspect to many businesses these day's and I'd really like to help as many people as possible!

Why not check out my progress on my site so far - www.simpleeggdesign.com

In a bit :)