Sunday 22 September 2013

So what's this HTML5 stuff?

Making Mark Up simpler...eventually!

HTML5 is basically the new version of HTML.  It's been making ground for a couple of years now but is not yet a proper web standard nor are all web browsers supporting all parts of it.  Going forwards there will be no old or new versions of HTML, it will purely become a living standard that is updated as it grows.  A lot of people have already jumped on the bandwagon using the new version...and quite frankly I can see why!! 

It's basically been designed to simplify mark up, bringing element names in line with there uses and incorporating the need to use different codes into one, including getting rid of the need to use third party plug ins like flash player for videos etc.

However because of the lack of support for it at the moment people are having to use workarounds like incorporating javascripts/HTML5 Shiv to re-write HTML5 as CSS so people can view it in old browsers and having to use multiple file types for video so again they are shown in all browser types etc.  So really it's already kind of defeating the object of simplicity at the moment, but where there is a will there is a way, and soon this stuff is going to become widely used and loved!

So any way HTML is still majorly used so I'm not feeling so bad that I've been learning this stuff for a couple of years and missed the fact that HTML5 was going on.  It helps a lot to know HTML before you get started with HTML5, and hey perhaps once I/we have all got our heads around the new version then maybe it will be being widely supported and we wont have to bother ourselves with these pesky workarounds.

It may not be fully supported today, maybe not tomorrow either, but soon...and for the rest of our lives! ;)

In a bit,