Friday 27 December 2013

"Designing" for the web...

Design skills are fundamental too..

So it's been a little while since my last post and looking at the date of the last one, it coincides with the time I took up my latest web course and have unfortunately been unable to focus on my own stuff for a while, which is a shame :(

I thought however, seems I have a little break I would write and update you on what I have been up to.

My latest web course has been a little different to the last couple that I have done. Where previously I've been learning some fundamental technicalities of the web like coding, file structures/format and a bit about getting sites up and running on the web etc, this time round I have had to use my brain in a whole different way.

The focus this time has been on the "Design Process" as a whole. From dealing with a client and understanding there business, there customers and there needs, to planning, designing and implementing this into a web site that is effective and functional but also has elements of your own creativeness!    

I must admit I initially wanted to get into web design as I liked design and like to be creative.  I've since got so sucked into coding and completely fallen in love with it to be honest (I have a bit of an addictive personality) that I hadn't really taken into consideration that there was an actual process involved in web design...and the fact that a lot of it is actually about understanding peoples needs, planning and good design..oops!

It's been a good exercise for me to be able to think about web design in the broader sense which I guess we all need to do and to get my brain out of "code mode" and back into "design mode" for a while.  It's also been a lot trickier than I had thought to be honest, coming up with ideas/new ideas and then trying to make them into a reality. My site currently looks OK..could be better..could be worse too I guess..we all have to start somewhere ;)

It does sound a bit silly really to say that "Web Design" is about the "Design"...but it actually really is!

So anyway, break time is over and I best get on trying to get my little project finished, so I will be off for now...wish me luck!

In a bit,